Happy Landings.

From marketing to sales.

Unsere Arbeitsweise: Vordenken. Unsere Arbeitsweise: Durchdenken. Unsere Arbeitsweise: Umsetzen. Unsere Arbeitsweise: Durchsetzen. Happy Landings. Von Marketing zu Sales. Video abspielen und mehr erfahren.

GRUNWALD agency drives sales marketing

We successfully turn marketing concepts into sales. In other words: We help sales to sell better. This means repeatedly securing successful projects from marketing through to the sales partners. We call this Happy Landings.

It means we focus on the critical stages in sales marketing: on purchases and repeated purchases.

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Sales marketing undergoing transformation

Sales marketing undergoing transformation

In the special issue of the BlachReport "automobilevents", Hannelore Grunwald writes about what is required of a new concept of sales marketing.


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